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Physics Book Links

How Far Are You Flung When an Amusement Park Ride Goes Terribly Wrong?If you find yourself missing physics class you can always find a problem to solve.
Great Ideas Come When Your Aren't Trying
This is why you need to allow plenty of time to complete big assignments that require creative thinking.
How to Study Physics
By David R. Hubin and Charles Riddell. The secrets of physics-studying success, online!
The Top 25 Questions in Science
There are so many things that we still don't know! Here's a list of perhaps the most interesting...
How to Google the Internet
You can find almost anything you need, but you have to know how to look. Essential how-to reading from the essential search engine.
Kilogram question weighs on world
How much is a kilogram, really? LA Times news story reveals the crisis.
13 Things That Don't Make Sense
New Scientist goes over some of the biggest questions that science would like to be able to answer, but hasn't managed to yet
Password Security
It's more important than ever. Learn how to protect yourself now!
What good is physics?
Theoretical physics doesn't have any real-life applications...or does it?
Research finds least competent people have most confidence in abilities
Are you confident, or incompetent? You may be both!
Chat & Instant Message Abbreviations
What the heck does "ttfn" mean, anyway?
School Success Begins at Home
It turns out that good parenting is important--who knew??! :)
Raise Your GPA
A blog entry with some reasonable ideas that just make sense
Video Explains What a Capacitor Is
...and how to make one
What Fast Looks Like
I do not want to be any of these people...
STS-129 Ascent Video Highlights
12 minutes of shuttle launching heaven. The footage assembled here is incredible.
NBC Science of the Olympics
Very cool, in a conceptual way.
It's a Math, Math World
A recommendation of several types of math-related books.
I got a C on my Organic Chemistry (AP Physics?) Exam... what should I do?
AP Science courses are hard. Here's how to get better at preparing for them.
Best Physics Sites on the Web
Some truly amazing stuff here. Check it out!
Gymnastics in a rotating reference frame
I don't understand it, but it's pretty cool!