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Economic Botany

1.  Major food crops of the world belongs to the family
a) Leguminosae
b) Solanaceae
c) Cruciferae
d) Gramineae

Economic botany
2. Saffron is produced from
a)  roots of Indigofera
b) petals of Rosa
c) stamens of Hibiscus
d) Style and stigma of Crocus

3. One of the following is a plant of great medicinal value:
a) Brassica oleraceae
b) Rauwolfia serpentina
c) Coffea robusta
d) Cryptostegia grandiflora

4. Resrpine, s drug is extracted from
a) Brassica oleraceae
b) Atropa belladonna
c) Rauwolfia serpentina
d) Digitalis purpurea

5. Fibre of great commercial importance derived from epidermis is
a) Flax
b) Hemp
c) Coir
d) Cotton

6.  A milk like preparation can be made from the seeds of
a) Gram
b) Grapes
c) Soybean
d) Barley

7. Coir of commerce comes from which part of coconut?

a) Epicarp
b) Mesocarp
c) Seed coat
d)  Endocarp

8. One of the following is a source of rubber:
a) Hevea brasilensis
b) Tectona grandis
c) Cedrus depdara
d) Michelia champaca

9.  Which of the most important source of food and fodder?
a) Algae
b) Fungi
c) Lichen
d) Cereal

10. A drug which reduces high blood pressure is obtained from
a) Aconitum chasmanthum
b)  Centella asiatica
c)  Rouwolfia serpentina
d) Solanum nigrum

11.   One of the following plants is a rich variety of timber:
a) Cassia fistula
b) Dalbergia sissoo
c) Acacia arabica
d) Morus alba

12.  The chicory powder which is mixed with coffee powder is obtained from
a) seeds
b) leaves
c) roots
d) stems

 Ricinus communis
13. Castor oil is obtained from 
a) Sesamum indicum
b) Linum spp
c) Brassica campestris
d) Ricinus communis

14. The flax fibres are obtained from
a) Cannabis sativa
b) Crotolaria juncea
c) Cocos nucifera
d) Linum ustistissimum

15. One of the following is an oil seed crop:
a) Marigold
b) Sunflower
c) Roses
d) Crysanthemum

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