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Cell organelles- Endoplasmic reticulum

1. Which of the following statements are incorrect regarding ER? 

a) The adipose tissue has both SER and RER 
b) Plasma cells has RER only 
c) RBC lacks both RER and SER 
d) Hepatocytes has both RER and SER
2. The term ‘endoplasmic reticulum’ was coined by 
a) Reinert
b) Porter 
c) Pomaret 
d) Johnson
3. Which of the following organelles has a continuous connection with nuclear membrane 
a) Golgi apparatus 
b) Lysosome 
c) RER 
d) SER
4. In RER, ribosomes are located on 
a) the cytoplasmic side 
b) on the luminal side 
c) both a and b 
d) all through out
5. SER is involved inSmooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
a) Phospholipid biosynthesis and detoxification reaction 
b) Phospholipid biosynthesis and protein synthesis 
c) Protein synthesis 
d) Phospholipid biosynthesis
6. SER in the retinal cells are called as 
a) Sarcoplasmic reticulum 
b) Retinal reticulam 
c) Myeloid bodies 
d) Amyloid bodies
7. The functions of RER include 
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
a) Protein synthesis and detoxification
b) Protein synthesis and post translational modification 
c) Protein synthesis and phospholipid biosynthesis 
d) Protein synthesis only
8. Which of the following statements are true regarding endoplasmic reticulum 
a) ER provides structural framework to the cell 
b) ER acts as an intracellular transporting system 
c) SER is involved in synthesis of lipids 
d) All of these
9. The transport of secretory proteins takes place trough organelles in the order 
a) RER->SER->golgi-> secretory vescicles 
b) SER->RER->golgi-> secretory vescicles 
c) RER->SER-> secretory vescicles -> golgi 
d) RER->golgi->SER-> secretory vescicles
10. Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum is called ‘rough’ because 
a) rough texture of the surface 
b) surface is studded with membrane proteins 
c) surface is studded with ribosomes 
d) All of these
11. RER is involved in the synthesis of 
a) Membrane proteins and secretory proteins 
b) Different proteins of the cell 
c) Membrane proteins, secretory proteins and lysosomal proteins 
d) Membrane proteins and secretory proteins and nuclear proteins
12. Which of the following organelle is involved in xenobiotic detoxification 
a) Golgi 
b) Lysosome 
c) SER 
d) RER
13. Protein glycosylation occurs in the 
a) lumen of mitochondria 
b) lumen of rough endoplasmic reticulum 
c) lumen of smooth endoplasmic reticulum 
d) lumen of lysosomes
14. Which of the following sequence functions as signals for N-linked glycosylation 
a) Asn-X-Ser and Asn-X-Thr
b) Asn-X-Ser and Asn-X-Pro 
c) Asn-X-Thr and Asn-X-Gly 
d) Asn-X-Gly
15. Ribophorins are 
a) transmembrane glycoprotein on RER
b) transmembrane glycoprotein on SER 
c) luminal proteins on RER 
d) luminal proteins on SER 
  1. 1.a) The adipose tissue has both SER and RER
  2. 2.b) Porter
  3. 3.c) RER
  4. 4.a) the cytoplasmic side
  5. 5.a) Phospholipid biosynthesis and detoxification reaction
  6. 6.c) Myeloid bodies
  7. 7.b) Protein synthesis and post translational modification
  8. 8.d) All of these
  9. 9.a) RER->SER->golgi-> secretory vescicles
  10. 10.c) surface is studded with ribosomes
  11. 11.a) Membrane proteins and secretory proteins
  12. 12.c) SER
  13. 13.b) lumen of rough endoplasmic reticulum
  14. 14.a) Asn-X-Ser and Asn-X-Thr
  15. 15.a) transmembrane glycoprotein on RER