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Cytology - Cell and Cell organelles

1. The term cell was coined by
a) Schwann
b) Robert Hooke
c) de Bary
d) Tatum

2.  Cell theory was proposed by
a) Beadle and Tatum
b) Robert Hooke
c) Schleiden and Schwann
d) Leenuwenhoeck

3.  The cell theory is not applicable to
a) Bacteria
b) algae
c) Virus
d) fungi

4.  Semiautonomous organelle in the cell is
a) Peroxisomes
b) Chloroplast
c) Endoplasmic reticulam
d) Golgibodies

5. The membrane around the vacuole is called
a) cytoplast
b) tonoplast
c) amyloplast
d) elaioplast

6.  Identify the non -membraneous organelle from the following
a) Ribosome
b) Endoplasmic reticulam
c) Nucleus
d)  Chloroplast

7. Microfilaments are composed mainly of a protein called
a) actin
c) myosin
d) chitin

8. Experiments demonstrating the importance of the nucleus in controlling the growth of the cell was performed in
a) Starfish
b) Acetabularia
c) Neurospora
d) Leucocytes

9. Which of the following is associated with the structure of Golgicomplex?
a)  Cristae
b) Cisternae
c) Annuli
d) Quatasomes

10. The subunit of prokaryotic ribosomes are
a)  60 S+40 S
b) 70 S+30 S
c) 60 S+30 S
d) 50 S+30 S

11.  Plant cell wall mainly composed of  
a)  cellulose
b) starch
c) protein
d) lipid

12. Smooth endoplasmic reticulam is the site of
a) protein synthesis
b) carbohydrate synthesis
c) amino acid synthesis
d) Lipid synthesis

13.  In higher plants, the shape of the chloroplast is
a) Discoid
b) cup shaped
c) girdle shaped
d) ribbon shaped

14. The main function of Centrosome is
a) Secretion
b) osmoregulation
c) Protein synthesis
d) Formation of spindle fibre

15. Assembly of two subunits 40 S and 60 S of the ribosome is
a) 100 S unit
b) 80 S unit
c) 70 S unit
d) 90 S unit

1- b
2- c