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Golgi body (Golgi Apparatus)

11. Which one of the following organelles is located near the nucleus and contains a collection of flattened membrane bound cisternae? 
cell structure
a) Nucleus 
b)  Centriole 
c) Mitochondrion 
d) Golgi apparatus
12. Golgi complex was first recognised in 
a) blood cell 
b) root cell 
c) nerve cell 
d) root cell
13. Besides giving out secretary vesicles, the Golgi apparatus is also concerned with the formation of 
a) Nucleus 
b) plastids 
c) nucleus 
d) Lysosomes
14. “Zone of exclusion” is associated with 
a) Nucleus 
b) Nucleolus 
c) Nucleoplasm 
d) Golgi complex
15. Golgi apparatus is absent in 
a) higher plants 
b) yeast 
c) bacteria and blue green algae 
d) none
16. Acid phosphatase is the cytochemical marker for 
a) cis-region of GA 
b) trans region of GA 
c) GERL region 
d) median region of GA
17. After synthesis of secretory protein in RER, it moves through 
a) RER->cis Golgi->median golgi->trans golgi-> secretory vesicle 
b) RER->trans Golgi->median golgi->cis golgi-> secretory vescicel 
c) RER-> secretory vescicels ->cis Golgi->median golgi->trans golgi-> secretory vescicel 
d) all of these
18. Golgi apparatus is often seen associated with 
a) mitochondria 
b) RER 
c) lysosome 
d) none of these
19. Which of the following organelle is called as the ‘sorting centre’ of the cell 
Golgi apparatus- sorting centre of the cell
a) RER 
b) SER 
c) GA 
d) lysosome
20. Function of Golgi apparatus (GA) in animal cells include
a) sorting and packaging 
b) exocytosis of melanin granules 
c) exocytosis of thyroxine hormone 
d) all of these
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11. d) Golgi apparatus 
12. c) nerve cell 
13. d) Lysosomes 
14. d) Golgi complex 
15. c) bacteria and blue green algae 
16. c) GERL region 
17. a) RER->cis Golgi->median golgi->trans golgi-> secretory vesicle 
18. b) RER 
19. c) GA 
20. d) all of these