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Introduction and Habitat

1. The symbiotic association between algae and fungi is calledlichen 
a) mychorrhizha
b) lichen
c) VAM
d) mutualism
2. Many scientists consider algal-fungal relationship in lichen as ‘helotism’. Helotism is a 
a) a kind of symbiotic association
b) a kind of mutualism
c) master-slave relationship
d) master-master relationship
3. The fungal partner in lichen is called mycobiont whereas algal partner is called 
a) glycobiont
b) algobiont
c) phycobiont
d) often referred as algal partner
4. The study of lichens is called 
a) phycology
b) mycology
c) lichology
d) lichenology
5. More than 95% of the lichens, the fungal partner belongs to the class 
a) ascomycetes
b) basidiomycetes
c) zygomycetes
d) mastigomycetes
6. The benefit of algae in this association is 
a) food
b) vitamins
c) growth substances
d) protection
7. In lichens, sexual reproduction is carried out by 
a) algae
b) fungi
c) both algae and fungi
d) fungi only
8. The major group of algae involved in lichen formation is 
a) red algae
b) brown algae
c) blue green algae
d) all
9. Usnea is a 
fruticose lichen
a) foliose lichen
b) fruticose lichen
c) crustose lichen
d) filamentous lichen
10. Lichens are the major pollution indicators of 
a) SO2
b) NO2
c) mercury
d) CO
11. If the fungal partner belongs to Ascomycetes, then called 
a) ascomycetes
b) ascomycetes lichen
c) lichen
d) ascolichen
12. Lichens that are rock dwellers with xerophytic adaptations are called 
a) lignicolous
b) terricolous
c) saxicolous
d) corticolous
13. Terrestrial species that grow in soil are called 
a) lignicolous
b) terricolous
c) saxicolous
d) corticolous
14. Leprose lichens are 
a) crust like 
b) leaf like
c) pendulous
d) scale like
15. Graphis is a  crustose lichen
a) foliose lichen
b) fruticose lichen 
c) crustose lichen
d) filamentous lichen

1. b) lichen
2. c) master-slave relationship
3. c) phycobiont
4. d) lichenology
5. a) ascomycetes
6. d) protection
7. d) fungi only
8. c) blue green algae
9. b) fruticose lichen
10. a) SO2
11. d) ascolichen
12. c) saxicolous
13. b) terricolous
14. d) scale like
15. c) crustose lichen