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Phylum Echinodermata

1. Which of the following systems is found in echinoderms?
a)  Nervous system
b) Excretory system
c)  Respiratory system
d)  System of internal skeleton

2. The locomotory organs of Echinoderms are called
a) Parapodia
b) Pseudopodia
c)  Tube feet
d) Setae

3. The echinoderms are related to chordates by their similarity in the development of
a) gut
b) nervous system
c) heart
d) coelom

 4. Aristotle’s lantern is a characteristic feature of 
a) starfishes
b) sea urchins
c) brittle stars
d) Holothurians
Aristotle’s lantern
Aristotle’s lantern
5.  Auricularia is the larva of
a) Echinoidea
c) Ophiuroidea
d) Holothuroidea

6. The terrestrial species of Echinodermata is
a) Brittle star
b) Starfish
c)  sea lilly
d) None of these

Living Fossil
7. Which of the following is a living fossil? 
a) Holothuria (Sea cucmber)
b) Antedon (Feather star)
c) Ophiothrix (Brittle star)
d) Echinus (Sea urchin)

8. Which of the following is not true of echinoderms?
a) Exclusively marine habitat
b) Schizocoelic coelom
c) No excretory organs
d) Water vascular system

9.  Bipinnaria larva is found in the development of a
a) Sea-lily
b) Starfish
c) Sea cucumber
d) Sea star

10. Pedicellariae are modified
a) tube feet
b) integumentary structures
c) Spines
d) some other structures

11. Starfishes are
a) herbiborous
c) filter feeders
d) Omnivorous

12. The larva that occurs in the development of sea urchin is
a) auricularia
b) echinopluteus
c) Bipinnaria
d) pluteus

13. Main difference between starfishes and brittle stars is in the
a) number of arms
b) tube feet
c) structure of the ambulacral groove
d) pedicellariae

14.  Sausage shaped body form is a chacteristic of
a) Echinoidea
b) Asteriodea
c) Ophiuroidea
d) Holothuroidea

15. Madreporite is associated with
a) Haemal system
b) Digestive system
c) Ambulacral system
d) Reproductive System

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