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Phylum Porifera (Sponges)

1.  A sponge can be distinguished from other animals by the presence of 
a) Hollow body
b) coelenteron
c) choanocytes
d) dermal papillae

2. Animal of phylum Porifera are characterised by
a) Diploblastic organisation
b) canal system
c) coelom
d) coelenteron

3. Larva of sponge is known as
a) planula larva
b) trochophore larva
c) glochidium larva
d) amphiblastula larva

4. Gemmules are helpful in 
a) digestion
b) sexual reproduction
c) Secretion of spicules
d) Survival in drought

5. Most of the sponges are
a) solitary
b) colonial
c) fresh water forms
d) cold water inhabitants

6. Choanocytes in sponges are present
a) on the external body surface
b) line the gastric cavity
c)  in the mesodermal layer
d) located between the outer and inner layers

7. Sycon belong to the class
a) Calcarea
b) porifera
c)  Desmospongia
d) Hexactinellida

8. Bath sponge belongs to the class
a) porifera
b)  Desmospongia
c) Hexactinellida
d) Calcarea

9. Parazoa includes
a) Cnidaria
b) Acidaria
c)  Porifera
d) None of these

10. Most common method of reproduction in sponges is
a) binary fission
b) budding
c) multiple fission
d) sexual reproduction

11. Skeleton of sponges is produced by
a) Pinacocytes
b) thescocytes
c) choanocytes
d) sclerocytes

12. The only fresh water species of sponges is
a)  Scypha
b) Euspongia
c) Spongilla
d) Oscarella

13. Venus’s flower basket is a
a)  Sea anemone resembling a flower basket
b) sponge resembling a flower basket
c) glass rope sponge
d) ornamental mollusc

14.  Common bath sponge is
a) Euplectella
b) Spongilla
c) Syon
d)  Euspongia

15. Digestion in sponges is
a) intracellular
b) intercellular
c) both a and b
d) extracellular

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1- c
2- b