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How to run Online banking

Hello all, Last month we have posted Online banking project. We have received many mails, question that How to run this Online banking script. In this post we explain How to run Online banking script with PHP and MySQL. Those who don’t have experience in PHP and MySQL. This tutorial explains how to install Apache2Triad, How to write program in Apache2Triad, How to upload banking script and database in Apache2Triad. This tutorial only explains a basic tutorial of Online Banking Script. I will improve it in time so stay tuned.

How to run Online banking script:

Step 1 :First download Apache2Triad Software from Apache2Triad Net.
We developed this project source code in Apache2Triad. Apache version is 1.5.4, PHP is 5.1.2  and mysql vesion is 5.0.1. Later Apache2Triad developed not upgraded his software.

Step 2 :
After downloading install Apache2Triad software to your PC.

Kindly uninstall or stop service if you installed any servers like IIS, XAMPP, WAMP etc.

Step 3 :
After installing check Apache2Triad is working or not.

Click here for tutorial – Start writing PHP code using Apache2Triad (video tutorial)

Step 4:

Download Online banking script.

Click here to download Online Banking Script – Online Banking Script

Step 5:

Copy Project file to Apache2Triad in htdocs folder

Following video explains to copy online banking project files in Apache2Triad/htdocs folder.

Step 6:

Copy MySQL database in MYSQL Data folder.

Following video explains where to copy bankingdb folder.
We have not taken any sql backup. We just copied banking database folder from Mysql .

Step 7:

Configure PHP file db_connect.php . Update Mysql server name, User ID, Password.

Following video explains about Online banking database configuration
You must change Server name, Username (By default root), password.

Step 8:
Open the browser and type localhost/(project name) . Default login ID is admin and default password is admin.