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Medical Store System

Medical store system is Pharmaceutical Distribution Management System developed using VB.NET 2005 and SQL Server. Medical store system is an software application for medical shop designed as to ease the work load of medical shop professionals. The main feature includes Billing, Supplier recors,  stock details, sales report, purchase report and customer details, etc.
 Main Features :
  • Medical store software helps to track all the profits, loss, profitable products of medical shop moreover it’s a medical shop accounting software.
  • Flexible and adaptive software suited to medical shops or stores or pharmacies of any size.
  • Paperless practice, Cost effective solutions, Graphical User Interface with Context Sensitive Help
  • No special training  needed for using the system, anyone who don’t have accounting knowledge can use without any difficulty.
Hardware Requirement
Medical Store System has the following hardware requirements:
Hard Disk: Minimum 40GB HDD
CPU Type: Pentium processor IV
256 MB RAM
Software Requirement
Operating Systems Windows XP (Professional edition), Windows 7 or higher operating system
Front End: 2005 or VB.NET 2008
Back End:  Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Microsoft Visual Studio to design Pages
Microsoft Paint Utility to design images
Microsoft Word for documentation
1. Install Visual Studio setUp.exe file and vs_setup.exe file
2. Install SQL server 2000 (recomended) on your machine.
3. Copy project folder in the D:\  directory
4. Establish database connectivity as illustrated below:
4.1 Attach the ‘stock’ database present in ‘Back end’ folder
with ‘local windows NT server’
4.2 Configure database
1. Press F5 to run the system
3. A SplashScreen page of Pharmaceutical Distribution Management System will be displayed.
4. Perform the operation you intend to carry out.