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7 Prolific Motivational Interviewing Techniques

How to succeed in an interview? This is perhaps a question that creeps in every budding aspirants mind to crack the dream job or just your very first job. There are however always few misconceptions and lack of knowledge and understanding of few things which makes it difficult for candidates. In the section that will follow we would highlight really important motivational interviewing techniques that candidates should be aware of while taking an interview.

Remember the steps to success are not complicated if the right things are followed in the right manner.

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Here are the 7 Prolific Motivational Interviewing Techniques :

1.  Curriculum Vitae 

How often have you thought about the content of your resume before taking up the first interview or your dream company’s interview? Your dream company or any professional company emphasizes particularly upon the content of the resume and judge your competency. Always remember that you can very well borrow the concept of a resume format but never copy the contents from a resume. It’s suicidal as you would get screwed for all the messed up information or rather the information that you are not adequate with. Your interviewer can very well delve deep and go point by point each of the important projects or achievements mentioned. So Always ensure that you know your resume aptly and can justify every achievement mentioned there. So if you are honestly preparing your resume all by yourself keep in mind that it is one of the basic interview skills to know in and out of your resume for succeeding in the interview. 

2.  Know About your Company

A very important point that you cannot afford to take lightly is to know about the brand value and esteem of the company for which you are applying and eventually thinking of making a cut. Having a profound and prior knowledge about the organization alongwith the brand is of utmost importance for a candidate who is dreaming of cracking the respective interview. The interviewer would always want you to showcase some information and liking about the product, esteem or the brand value of your so called dream company. The basic idea about the growth, repute, products and the esteem is always highly appreciated in the sense that you know where exactly you want to land up. It’s an impression that holds a profound significance in terms of judging a candidate’s prominent goals and desires. 

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3.  Non-verbal Communication

Dear Candidate please know that the communication that happens no-verbally is one of the key interview skills. The posture, the body language, the looks and the expressions that a candidate portrays speaks volumes about the candidate’s confidence level during the interview. The interviewer keeps note of every minute detail as such and so don’t be bamboozled hearing this. You must absolutely know that in a professional interview you must sit in an upright posture and try to place your hands above the table and be calm in your posture. Don’t cuddle with your fingers, look at the walls after every question is being asked, don’t look elsewhere while answering except the interviewer’s eye. You must always have an eye contact with the interviewer and follow him as he’s following you. 

4. Take your time to clarify

Often a mistake that a candidate does in an interview is that he forgets to clarify the question again and again with the interviewer if it’s not clear. This is a very important point to note that is one of the keys to success in an interview. You can answer the correct thing after enquiring properly for the fourth time rather than starting on a wrong note against a question which is not clear and you made no efforts to clarify it. Let me tell you there is no absolutely nothing negative in clarifying a question with the interviewer and the interviewer appreciates it the most. He’s always readily approachable and will gladly oblige. So you must take ample time to get yourself clarified before starting to answer the question being asked.

5.  Stop beating around the bush (Unclear or Ambiguous Answer to the Question)

Many times it is seen that a candidate would try to beat around the bush when he doesn’t have the correct answer for it. This is something which needs to be checked to minimize the chances of rejection. Every correct answer will be more or less prompt and every interviewer knows this. So when something is not known you should never keep on repeating the same thing already told by you and falling in a loop. Rather you can just take your time to think over it saying that “I will try to explain the same” and process it in your head. You can assemble the things in order and then answer.

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6.  Try the Diagrammatic Approach

One of the most important factors of succeeding in a technical interview is following the flow diagram approach. Whenever a scenario or a logical question is being asked you can always ask the interviewer for a pen and a paper where you would jot down a diagram or sketch the flow of the logic.

By following this you portray your adept understanding of the scenario and ability to analyze the flow.

7.  Don’t ponder over time and say No

To tackle the scenario where you do not really have an answer you must know and understand that at any point of time you cannot afford to say “I don’t know”. By this you tend to contradict yourself most often wherein you already speak about your strengths and weaknesses saying that you have a never say die attitude and you never really give up. You tend to send to send a wrong signal where it becomes clear that you lack the skills to think “out of the box” for the given scenario. The worst that you can do is to ponder over time and finally say “I don’t really know”. No instead you may repeat the scenario and rather the question, ask for a pen and paper and try to draw a flow diagram of the scenario, you can ask a counter scenario to get a clarification and when you do the mentioned it’s mostly then the interviewer is likely to present a hint and that is all that you might have needed.   

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I have shared the motivational interviewing techniques that one can work upon to get a job. Please mention in comments if you want to add your own interviewing techniques.