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MCQ on Environmental Issues

1. Pollutants resulting from human activities are mainly discharged in:
a) overpopulated cities
b) industrial centres
c) rural area
d) both a and b

2.  Atmospheric pollution may be caused by 
Sources of emissions of Air pollution
a) forest fire
b) organic decay
c) automobile exhausts
d) all of these

 3. Example of primary pollutant
a) SO2
b) NO2
c) CO
d) all of these

4. Pollutants are classified into:
a) biodegradable
b) qualitative
c) nonbiodegradable
d) all of these

5. Example of secondary pollutants :
a) Smog
b) O3
c) PAN
d) all of these

6. Oxidation of sulphur in the fossil fuels mainly produces:
a) NO
b) SO3
c) SO2
d) both b and c

7. The effect of the gaseous pollutants depend mainly on their:
a) Solubility in water
b) hydrophobic in nature
c) ability to settle down
d) longevity in air

8. Carbon dioxide content in atmosphere is 
a) 93%
b) 0.5%
c) 0.03%
d) 0.001%

9. The polluting strength of sewage is usually characterized by its:
a) BOD
b) nitrogen content
c) ozone content
d) eutrophication

10. Biomagnification is caused mainly by 
a) organochlorines
b) neem oil
c) organophosphates
d) all of these

1. d) both a and b
2. d) all of these
3. d) all of these
4. d) all of these
5. d) all of these
6. a) Solubility in water
7. d) both b and c
8. c) 0.03%
9. a) BOD
10. a) organochlorines

1.  The major pollutant from automoblie exhaust is   
a) NO
b) CO
c) SO2
d) Soot

2. The  green house gases, otherwise called radioactively active gases includes
a) Carbon dioxide
b) CH4
c) N2O
d) All of these

3. Algal bloom results in 
algal bloom
a) Global warming
b) Salination
c) Eutrophication
d) Biomagnification

4. A high  Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) indicates that:
a)  water is pure
b) absence of microbial action
c) Low level of microbial pollution
d) High   level of microbial pollution

5. The effects of radioactive pollutants depends upon 
a) Rate of diffusion
b) energy releasing capacity
c)  rate of deposition of the contaminant
d) all of these

6.  The range of normal human hearing is in the range of 
a) 10 Hz to 80 Hz
b) 50 Hz to 80 Hz
c) 50Hz to 15000 Hz
d) 15000 Hz and above

7.  The pollution which does not persistent harm to life supporting system is 
a) Noise pollution
b) Radiation pollution
c) Organochlorine pollution 
d) All of these

8. Soap and detergents are the source of organic pollutants like:
a) glycerol
b) polyphosphates
c)  sulphonated hydrocarbons
d) all of these

9. Growing agricultural crops between rows of planted trees is known as
a) Social forestry
b) Jhum
c) Taungya system
d) Agroforestry

10. The main atmospheric layer near the surface of earth is 
a) troposphere
b) mesophere
c) ionosphere
d) stratospere

    1. b) CO
    2. d) All of these
    3. c) Eutrophication
    4. d) High   level of microbial pollution
    5. d) all of these
    6. c) 50Hz to 15000 Hz
    7. a) Noise pollution
    8. d) all of these
    9. c) Taungya system
    10. a) troposphere