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MCQ on Mendelian Genetics SET 2

1The experimental material garden pea used by Mendel is a
a) cross fertilized crop 
b) both self and cross fertilized 
c) self fertilized crop 
d) may vary with ecotype
2. Mendel emasculated garden pea plant. Emasculation is the
a) removal of flower buds 
b) removal of anthers before dehiscence 
c) removal of carpels before dehiscence 
d) removal of mature flowers
3. Mendel’s hybridization strategy was use of two plants
a) differing in a pair of contrasting character 
b) differing in two pairs of contrasting character 
c) differing in many pairs of contrasting character 
4. A cross in which parents differ in a single pair of contrasting character is called
a) monohybrid cross 
b) dihybrid cross 
c) trihybrid cross 
d) tetrahybrid cross 
5. The hybrid progeny in the first generation is called as
a) F0 
b) F1 
c) F2 
d) F’
6. The major reason for the success of Mendelian experiments was
a) Garden pea was true breeding 
b) Garden pea was cross breeding 
c) Garden pea was heterozygous 
d) Garden pea was easily available
7. When alleles of two contrasting characters are present together, one of the character express and the other remains hidden. This is the
a) law of purity of gametes 
b) law of segregation 
c) law of dominance 
d) law of independent assortment
8. The character that is express in the F1 is called the
a) recessive character 
b) dominant character 
c) co dominant character 
d) none of these
9. The recessive character will express in
a) F1 
b) F2 
c) both a and b 
d) F3 only
10. Monohybrid ratio is
a) 9:3:3:1 
b) 9:1 
c) 9:3:1 
d) 3:1
11. The phenotypic ratio of a monohybrid cross is
a) 3:1 
b) 1:2:1 
c) 2:1:1 
d) 9:3:3:1
12. The genotypic ratio of a monohybrid cross is
a) 3:1 
c) 2:1:1 
d) 9:3:3:1
13. Which of the following statements are true regarding Law of segregation
a) alleles separate with each other during gametogenesis 
b) The segregation of factors is due to the segregation of chromosomes during meiosis 
c) Law of segregation is called as law of purity of gametes 
d) all of the above
14. F3 generation is obtained by
a) selfing of F1 
b) selfing of F2 
c) crossing of F1 and F2 
d) none of these
15. The crossing of F1 to any one of the parents is called
a) back cross 
b) test cross 
c) F1 cross 
d) all of these
1.c) self fertilized crop
2. b) removal of anthers before dehiscence
3. a) differing in a pair of contrasting character
4. monohybrid cross
5. b) F1
6. a) Garden pea was true breeding
7. c) law of dominance
8. b) dominant character
9. b) F2
10. d) 3:1
11. a) 3:1
12. b)1:2:1
13. d) all of the above
14. a) selfing of F1
15. a) back cross