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MCQ on Plant Physiology - Mineral Nutrition

1. Which of the following is necessary for biological nitrogen fixation?
a) Copper
b) Zinc
c) Manganese
d) Molybdenum

2. The essential element for the synthesis of auxin is
a) Zinc
b) Sulphur
c) Potassium
d) Phosphorus

3. The disease “die back of shoots” is caused due to the deficiency of the following microelements
a) Copper
b) Chlorine
c) Manganese
d) Molybdenum

4. Little leaf disease is due to the deficiency of
a) Nitrogen
b) Zinc
c) Manganese
d) Molybdenum

5. Hydroponics is
a) Growing of aquatic plants
b) Growing off floating aquatic plants
c) Soilless cultivation of plants
d) Growing of plants inside water

6.  Molybdenum is involved in plant metabolism in
a) Translocation of solutes
b) Tryptophan synthesis
c) ABA synthesis
d) Nitrate reduction

7. Plant require Fe and Mg for
a) Synthesis of chlorophyll
b) Opening and closing of stomata
c) Translocation of carbohydrates
d) None of these

8. Plant absorb the element nitrogen in the form
a) nitrogen gas
c) nitrates
d) nitric acid

9. Bacteroid means
a) dead bacteria
b)living bacteria
c) A bacteria like substance
d) living bacteria but cannot divide

10. Which of the following bacterium brings about denitrification?
a) Pseudomonas
b) Rhizobium
c) Azotobacter
d) Nitrobacter

11. Ion can be accumulated against concentration gradient due to?
a) Mass flow
b) Active uptake
c) Passive uptake
d) Donnan equilibrium

12. Which of the following is essential for Nitrogen Fixation by leguminous plants?
a) Chlorophyll
b) Leghaemoglobin
c) Anthocyanin
d) Phycocyanin

13. First experiments related to the method of hydroponics were done by
a) Knop
b) Sachs
c) Arnon
d) Hill

14.  The most widely accepted theory accepted to explain the translocation of carbohydrates in higher plants
a) Root pressure theory
b) Osmotic theory
c) Imbibition theory
d) Mass flow theory

15. Which element is required for Nodulation in Legumes?
a) Mn
b) Fe
c) Mo
d) B


1- d
2- a