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Multiple Choice Questions on Evolution SET 2

1. Evolution is 

a) Progressive development of Race
b) History and development of race along with variations
c) History of race
d) Development of race
2. The first organisms were 
a) Chemoautotrophs 
b) Autotrophs 
c) Eukaryotes 
d) Chemoheterotrophs
3. Theory of inheritance of acquired characters was given by 
a) Wallace
b) Darwin
c) De Vries
d) Lamarck
4. Which one of the following is a living fossil? 


a) Cycas 
b) Moss 
c) Saacharomycetes 
d) Spirogyra

5. Basic principles of embryonic development were pronounced by 
a) Von Baer
b) Haeckel
c) Morgan
d) Weismann
6. Which of the following amino acids was not found to be synthesised in Miller’s Experiment? 
a) Alanine 
b) Glycine 
c) Asparatic acid 
d) Glutamic acid
 7. Two Zoogeographical regions, separated by high mountain ranges, are 
a) Oriental and Australian 
b) Nearctic and Palaearctic
c) Palaearctic and Oriental
d) Neotrophical and Ethiopian
8. Origin of species was written by 
a) Oparin 
b) Lamarck 
c) Weismann 
d) Darwin
9. Praying mantis is a good example of 

a) Camouflage 
b) Mullerian mimicry 
c) Warning colouration 
d) Social insects
10. Continuity of germplasm theory was given by 
a) De Vries 
b) Darwin 
c) Weismann 
d) Lamarck
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1. b) History and development of race along with variations
2.  d) Chemoheterotrophs
3. d) Lamarck
4. a) Cycas 
5. a) Von Baer
6.  d) Glutamic acid
7. c) Palaearctic and Oriental
8. d) Darwin
9. a) Camouflage 
10. c) Weismann