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Multiple Choice Questions on Human Physiology

1. Which of the following is essential for blood clotting? 
a) RBC
b) WBC
c) Blood platelets
d) Lymph
2. Short sightedness is due to 
a) Weaker muscles
b) Shifting of the iris
c) Elongation of eye balls
d) Weakening of the retina
3. A person will have brown eyes, blue eyes or black eyes depending upon the particular pigment present in the 
Eye Color in Humans
a) pupil
b) Cornea
c) Iris
d) Choroid
4. A colour blind person has difficulty in distinguishing between which colours? 
a) Black and blue
b) Green and Red
c) Green and violet
d) White and Yellow
5. What is the maximum limit of sound intensity in decibel units which a person cannot hear? 
a) 65
b) 75
c) 85
d) 95
6. There are approximately..... muscles in human body 
a) 206
b) 360
c) 500
d) 700
7. Wisdom teeth normally grow during the age of 
a) 12-15 years
b) 15-30 years
c) 17-30 years
d) 30-40 years

8. inside the body, blood does not coagulate due to the presence of 
a) Fibrin
b) Heparin
c) Haemoglobin
d) Thromoblastin
9. The saliva helps in the digestion of 
a) Proteins
b) Fats
c) Fibres
d) Starch
10. The normal temperature of human body on the Kelvin scale is 
a) 280
b) 290
c) 300
d) 310
  1. c) Blood platelets
  2. c) Elongation of eye balls
  3. c) Iris
  4. b) Green and Red
  5. c) 85
  6. d) 700
  7. c) 17-30 years
  8. b) Heparin
  9. d) Starch
  10. d) 310