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Multiple Choice Questions on Human Reproduction

1. Human eggs are
a) Mesolecithel
b) Microlecithel
c) Macrolecithel
d) Alecithal
2. Meroblastic cleavage is a division which is
a) Spiral
b) Total
c) horizontal
d) Partial/ parietal
3. Coelom derived from blastocoels is known as
a) schizocoel
b) pseudocoelom
c) haemocoel
d) enterocoelom
4. The middle piece of the sperm contains
a) Proteins
b) Nucleus
c) Mitochondria
d) Centriole

5. After ovulation Graffian follicle regresses into
a) Corpus luteum
b) Corpus albicans
c) Corpus callosum
d) Corpus artesia
6. Blastopore is the pore of
a) Coelom
b) Archenteron
c) Blastocoel
d) Alimentary canal
7. Which set is similar?
a) sebum- sweat
b) Vitamin B 7- Niacin
c) Bundle of His- Pace maker
d) Corpus luteum- Graffian follicles
8. Which part of ovary in mammals acts as an endocrine gland after ovulation?
a) Stroma
b) Germinal epithelium
c) Vitelline membrane
d) Graafian follicle
9. Sertoli cells are regulated by the pituitary hormone known as
a) LH
b) GH
c) FSH
d) Prolactin
10. What is true for cleavage?
a) Size of embryo increases
b) Size of cells decreases
c) Size of cells increases
d) Size of embryo decreases
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1. d) Alecithal
2. d) Partial/ parietal
3. b) pseudocoelom
4. c) Mitochondria
5. a) Corpus luteum
6. b) Archenteron
7. d) Corpus luteum- Graffian follicles
8. d) Graafian follicle
9. c) FSH
10. b) Size of cells decreases