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Multiple Choice Questions on Human Biology

1. Internal organs in the foetus develop at 
Development Stages of Human child 
a) 24 weeks 
b) 7 weeks 
c) 10 weeks 
d) 12 weeks
2. The retina is an outgrowth of the 
a) mesencephalon 
b) Diencephalon 
c) telecephalon 
d) pons 
3. Insulin facilitates glucose uptake in
a) Kidney tubule 
b) Brain 
c) Red blood cells 
d) Skeletal muscle
4. Which one of the following mammals cannot synthesise vitamin C? 
a) Man 
b) Monkey 
c) Guinea pig 
d) All of these
5. The only sugar normally absorbed in the intestine against a concentration gradient is 
a) Xylose 
b) Mannose 
c) Glucose 
d) Ribose
6. Conduction velocity is maximum in 
a) SA node 
b) AV node 
c) right ventricle 
d) Purkinje fibres
7. Chymotrpsinogen is activated into chymotrypsin by 
a) trypsin 
b) Pepsin 
c) Fatty acids 
d) Bile Salt
8. Levels of which of the following hormones are increased in post-menopausal women 
a) Estrogen 
b) FSH 
c) Progesterone 
d) Cortisone
9. Delta waves in EEG are seen in 
a) Deep sleep 
b) REM sleep 
c) Awake with eyes open 
d) Awake with eyes closed
10. The strongest ligament in the body is
a) Inguinal ligament 
b) lacunar ligament 
c) ligamentum flavum 
d) iliofemoral ligament
  1. b) 7 weeks
  2. b) Diencephalon
  3. d) Skeletal muscle
  4. d) All of these
  5. c) Glucose
  6. d) Purkinje fibres
  7. a) trypsin
  8. b) FSH
  9. a) Deep sleep
  10. d) iliofemoral ligament