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Multiple Choice Questions on Mendelian Genetics

1. The crossing of F1 to homozygous recessive parent is called
a) back cross
b) test cross
c) F1 cross
d) all of these
2. The test cross is used to determine the
a) genotype of the plant
b) phenotype of the plant
c) both a and b
d)none of these
3. Monohybrid test cross ratio is
a) 3:1
b) 2:1
c) 1:1
d) 9:3:3:1
4. The cross in which parents differ in two pairs of contrasting characters is called
a) monohybrid cross
b) dihybrid cross
c) trihybrid cross
d) tetrahybrid cross
5. The phenotypic dihybrid ratio is
a) 9:3:2:1
b) 9:3:2:2
c) 1:1
d) 9:3:3:1
6. In Mendels Dihybrid cross, the phenotypic ratio of F2 for a single character is
a) 9:3:2:1
b) 9:3:2:2
c) 3:1
d) 9:3:3:1
7. Which of the following statements is true regarding the ‘law of independent assortment’
a) factors assort independent of each other when more than one pair of characters are present together
b) independent assortment leads to variation
c) independent assortment leads to formation of new combinations of characters
d) all of these
8. The Dihybrid test cross ratio is
a) 9:3:2:1
b) 9:3:2:2
c) 1:1:1:1
d) 9:3:3:1
9. Each gametes carry
a) only recessive allele
b) only dominant allele
c)only one of the alleles
d) all of these
10. Which of the following terms represent a pair of contrasting characters
a) homozygous
b) heterozygous
c) allelomorphs
d) codominant genes
11. The best method to determine the genotype of dominant parent is by crossing it with the hybrid. This cross is called
a) Back cross
b) test cross
c) selfing
d) cross fertilization
12. The best method to determine the homozygosity and heterozygosity of an individual is
a) self- fertilization
b) back cross
c) test cross
d) inbreeding
13. All of this obeys Mendel’s laws except
a) Linkage
b) independent assortment
c) dominanace
d) purity of gametes
14. The geometrical device that helps to find out all the possible combinations of male and female gametes is called
a) Punnete square
b) Bateson square
c) Mendel square
d) Morgan square
15. The title of Mendel’s paper while presenting at Brunn Natural History Society in 1865 was
a) Laws of inheritance
b) Laws of heridity
c) Experiments on pea plants
d) Experiments in plant hybridization
1. b) test cross
2. a) genotype of the plant
3. c) 1:1
4.b) dihybrid cross
5. d) 9:3:3:1
6. c) 3:1
7. d) all of these
8. c) 1:1:1:1
9. c)only one of the alleles
10. c) allelomorphs
11. a) Back cross
12.b) back cross
13. a) Linkage
14. a) Punnete square
15.d) Experiments in plant hybridization