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Multiple Choice Questions on Biotechnology and Its Applications

1. Golden rice is a transgenic crop of the future with the following improved trait. 
White rice and Golden rice
a) Insect resistance 
b) High protein content 
c) High vitamin A content 
d) High lysine content 
2. DNA fingerprinting refer to 
a) Techniques used for identification of fingerprints of individuals 
b) Molecular analysis of profiles of DNA samples 
c) Analysis of DNA samples using imprinting devices 
d) Techniques used for molecular analysis of different specimens of DNA 
3. The technique of obtaining large number of plantlet by tissue culture method is called 
a) Plantlet culture 
b) Micropropagation 
c) Organ culture 
4. Maximum application of animal cell culture technology today is in the production of 
a) Insulin 
b) Interferons 
c) Edible proteins 
d) Vaccines 
5. In tissue culture medium, the embryoids formed from pollen grains is due to 
a) Organogenesis 
b) Cellular totipotency 
c) Double fertilization 
d) Test tube culture 
6. What is true for monoclonal antibodies? 
a) These antibodies obtained from one parent and for one antigen 
b) These obtained from many parents and for many antigens 
c) These obtained from different parents and for one antigen 
d) These obtained from one parent and for many antigens 
7. Two bacteria found to be very useful in genetic engineering experiments are 
a) Nitrobacter and Azotobacter 
b)Rhizobium and Diplococcus 
c) Nitrosomonas and Kliebsiella 
d) Escherichia and Agrobacterium 

8. A genetically engineered microorganism used successfully in bioremediation of oil spills is a species of 
a) Trichoderma 
b) Bacillus 
c) Xanthomonas 
d) Pseudomonas 
9. Probiotics are 
a) cancer inducing microbes 
b) safe antibiotics 
c) new kind of food allergens 
d) live microbial food supplement 
10. In order to obtain virus free plants through tissue culture the best method is 
a) meristem culture 
b) protoplast culture 
c) anther culture 
d) embryo rescue 

1. c) High vitamin A content 
2. b) Molecular analysis of profiles of DNA samples 
3. b) Micropropagation 
4. d) Vaccines 
5. b) Cellular totipotency 
6. c) These obtained from different parents and for one antigen 
7. d) Escherichia and Agrobacterium 
8. d) Pseudomonas 
9. d) live microbial food supplement 
10. a) meristem culture