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Multiple Choice Questions on Biotechnology - Enzymes in Genetic Engineering

1. Which of the following enzyme is used to synthesize DNA using an mRNA template 
a) Taq polymerase
b) alkaline phosphatase
c) reverse transcriptase
d) nuclease

2. Which of the following enzyme is used to cut DNA molecule internally
a) restriction enzymes
b) restriction endonuclease
c) restriction exonuclease
d) ribonuclease H

3. Which type of restriction enzymes are commonly used in rDNA technology
a) Type I
b) Type II
c) Type III
d) Type IV

4. Which of the following enzyme is used to join two DNA molecule
a) nuclease
b) restriction enzymes
c) lyases
d) ligases

5. Which is the enzyme used to remove phosphate group from the 5’ end of the DNA
a) restriction enzymes
b) alkaline phosphatase
c) polynucleotide kinase
d) ribonuclease H

6. The enzyme that adds mononucleotide triphosphates to the 3’ OH group of a DNA fragment is 
a) polynucleotide kinase
b) terminal nucleotidyl transferase
c) terminal phosphoryl transferase
d) all of these

7. The RNA strand in the RNA-DNA hybrid is removed by
a) RNAse
b) RNase-H
c) nuclease
d) none of these

8. Klenow enzyme is the product of enzymatic breakdown of 
a) DNA polymerase I
b) DNA polymerase II
c) DNA polymerase III
d) RNA polymerase 

9. Selective degradation of single stranded DNA is carried out by the enzyme
a) nuclease
b) ribonuclease
c) SI nuclease
d) deoxy ribonuclease

10. Which of the following is an RNA dependent DNA synthetase
a) DNA polymerase I
b) DNA polymerase II
c) reverse transcriptase
d) all of these

11. Which of the following is a thermo stable DNA polymerase
a) Taq polymerase
b) Vent polymerase
c) pfu polymerase
d) all of these

12. Eco R1 is a 
restriction endonuclease
a) endonuclease
b) polymerase enzyme
c) ligase
d) exonuclease

1. c) reverse transcriptase
2. b) restriction endonuclease
3. b) Type II
4. d) ligases
5. b) alkaline phosphatase
6. b) terminal nucleotidyl transferase
7. b) RNase-H
8. a) DNA polymerase I
9. c) SI nuclease
10. c) reverse transcriptase
11. d) all of these
12. a) endonuclease