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Sales and Inventory Management System

Sales and Inventory Management System deals with the Inventory control. This project is developed in Visual basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access as back end. Its a software application. The Inventory Management  System takes care of the activities such as Indent order processing, quotation processing, Purchase order processing, Item receipt order processing, Item issue order processing, Item returns order processing.

Sales and Inventory Management System

Project Modules
1.Vendor Master
The vendor details are included in this form.New Vendor are added on the Information will be saved.We can modify the vendor or can cancel at this stage.We can also find the particular vendor details.
2.Item Master
The item details are stored here .Specified rate will be given to particular item.New item are added on the information will be saved.We can modify the item or can cancel at this stage.We can also find the particular item details.
3.Item indent
Indents are raised from the cost centers.In an indent items of same group Can only be raised.Item belong to different groups should be raised as different indent.
4.Enquiry Module:
Enquiry’s can be raised for the indents raised. At the same time vendors selected per indent is restricted to nine. The Enquirer generated may be modified or cancelled during enquiry amendment. Vendor details and required date are allowed to modify during the enquiry amendments.
5.Quotation Module:
Quotations received are recorded into the system. On entering the enquiry number, the vendor details appear on the screen and the system accepts the quotation details such as opening date, price basis.
The list of items sent for enquiry to that vendor is also flashed on the screen where the quantity as in the quotation received is entered their quotation quantity should not exceed the enquiry quantity.
6.Purchase Order Module:
Purchase order number will be generated automatically. Quotation number is displayed and the purchase order date will be the system date upon selecting the quotation number vender details and item details appear on the screen. The entire information will be stored in the purchase order master file and in the detail file.
Project ID : 031220110544

Project Name : Sales and Inventory Management System

Front End : Visual Basic 6.0
Back End : Microsoft Access