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Some useful tips for preparing CET examination:

1) To excel in this exam one should start preparing at least one year before the exam. If you want to score well, you can join some coaching classes or some crash course which will focus on both your HSC and CET exams.
2) Aspirants should be well aware about their HSC syllabus and topics covered in the textbooks. Most of the questions asked in this exam are based on the theories, definitions and concepts based on HSC syllabus. So prepare well and cover all the topics related to that subject.
3) Read textbooks and try your best to understand the subjects thoroughly. Students are required to cover all topic mentioned in the syllabus. However, just stick to the sanctioned books.
4) Divide your time well among all the subjects. All the subjects all equally important and need full attention to score high in the exam. The syllabus of biology is vast so to cover all the topics divide your time accordingly.
5) Try to solve as much MCQ as you can once you prepare the topic well. Many students do not score well in the CET exam despite of preparing well and this is because they are not familiar of the MCQ format of answering. To answer these MCQs you have to think quickly and make decision in seconds and for that you need to prepare hard.
6) Physics is very important subject in this exam, so prepare well for this subject. Most of the students do not score well in this exam, so it is advised to be careful. Solve all types of MCQ and get all your doubts cleared. Also, time management in Physics is also very important.
7) After completion of one subject try to solve previous year's papers and mock test to know the level of your preparation. It will give you an idea where you stand and also about the weak point.
8) Try to keep your self calm during the exam. If you're under too much pressure or stress you will not be able to perform well as this might seriously affect your performance. If you are under pressure and stress, you can not think well and make right decisions.
9) Do not just depend upon the CET exam only, be prepared for the exam but try to appear in some other exams too. So do not depend on one exam only. Also give other entrance exams which have similar portion, it will help you to release some pressure.
10) Try to take out some spare time for yourself to release your tension. Try to indulge yourself in some kind of physical activities or other sports to give your self a fresh feel. Be focused and determined to score well in this exam.