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Top 20 Good Questions to Ask at an Interview

To land a job , one has to successfully cleaterview rounds.  To land a job, you have to give your 100% , minimizing the mistakes and give as much best you can . After any interview round , you may be asked by the interviewer  , do you have any question related to work , company ? . 
In such scenario , you should grab the opportunity  of  asking one or two good question , in order to show that you are very much interested in the job.Here we are sharing 20 good questions to ask at an interview , but before that few things you need to prepare before appearing for the interview.
 Gather information about company (like what is the primary product of the company ,
 what is the culture of the company , if possible contact someone who has worked at the company)

List of 20 good questions to ask at an interview to make an impression on the interviewer.

 1.  What attributes , experiences  and skills would make an ideal candidate for the job.

 2.  How do you evaluate success in your company (assuming company has employees more than 10).
      If the company is start up then you can ask
      What is the ultimate aim of your company , how can I help you to achieve that goal. 

3.  What is the most important thing I can accomplish in the first two months of my job.

4.  Is this a new position ?   If not , what did the previously employees go on to do 

5.  How would you describe the responsibilities of  the position
6. What are the chances of future growth and advancement in the company

7. How would you describe a usual working day in the  company

8.  What do you like  about working in a company

9.  When  can I expect  to hear back from you

10. How much is the working force of the company , in other words , total number of employes in the company 

11.  If the job involves travel , then ask , how much travel is expected

12. Who does this position  reports to . Can I meet him/her , if I am offered the position 

13. What have been the project successes in the last couple of years

14.  What are the next steps in the hiring process

15. What can you tell me about the new product or plans for growth

16. What happened to the last person who held the job

17. What are the most important aspects of this job

18. What is the criteria in which the performance measured and reviewed

19. How do you describe the work culture in the company

20. What type of training opportunities are available for learning the product