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Core Java Syllabus

Pre basic

  1. What is a program?
  2. Environment Variables
  3. Installing JAVA in Windows 7
  4. JAVA is Machine Independent & JVM is not
  5. Creating, Compiling, and Executing a Java Program
  6. A Simple Java program to kick start
  7. Identifiers
  8. Variables
  9. Constants
  10. Numeric Data Types and Operations
  11. Numeric Type Conversions
  12. Character Data Type and Operations
  13. The String Type
  14. boolean Data Type and Operations
  15. if Statements
  16. switch Statements
  17. Formatting Console Output and Strings
  18. Loops
  19. The while Loop
    • The do-while Loop
    • The for Loop
  20. Methods
    • void Method Example
    • Passing Parameters by Values
    • Overloading Methods
    • The Scope of Variables
  21. Declaring Array Variables
    • Arrays
    • Creating Arrays
    • Array Size and Default Values
    • Array Indexed Variables
    • Array Initializers
    • Processing Arrays
    • foreach Loops
    • Copying Arrays
    • Passing Arrays to Methods
    • Returning an Array from a Method
    • Variable-Length Argument Lists
    • Searching Arrays
    • The Linear Search Approach
    • The Binary Search Approach
    • Sorting Arrays
    • Selection Sort
    • Insertion Sort
    • The Arrays Class
  22. Two-Dimensional Arrays
    • Declaring Variables of Two-Dimensional Arrays and Creating Two-Dimensional Arrays
    • Obtaining the Lengths of Two-Dimensional Arrays
    • Processing Two-Dimensional Arrays
  23. Ragged Arrays