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VTUNotes from SJBIT Exclusive for Exams

Download these Notes by clicking click here link.

Notes for Electronics and communication Engineering Students Direct Download
Download Link
Control System
Signal and systems
Antenna and Propagation
Digital Communication
Operating System
Digital Switching System
Multimedia Communication
Network Security
Wireless Communication

Few days back i also contacted with the great Lecturer as we all know now and you already had studied so many Notes of Mr. Arun Kumar, if he has written any new notes but in reply the result were negative so if i will find any new notes written by such professors then ll definitely let you know and publish here.

So hope these notes will help in your academics.
I strongly suggest our students please don't only go through the notes rather than also go through your preferred text book parallely.

Note: As the above contents are from SJBIT, our intention is not to generate traffic and make money so if it will violate the privacy and policies of the original owner of the material then will remove it, so download a copy and keep it safe in you device, but as we all know that this site is only to help students to get their all study material at one place i am doing so. Therefore i think their intention and our intention is same to help the students across the country, across the VTU.
I wish to thanks the all who are concerned with the study materials available at our website and thanks to SJBIT, Bangalore.