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CBSE Model Question Papers 2015

English Communicative (Class IX & X)
English Language & Literature (Class IX & X)
Hindi A (Class IX)
Hindi A (Class X)
Sanskrit (Class IX)
Sanskrit (Class X)
Hindi B (Class IX)
Hindi B (Class X)
Japanese (Class IX)
Japanese (Class X)
German (Class IX)
German (Class X)
Mathematics (Class IX)
Mathematics (Class X)
Science (Class IX)
Science (Class X)
Social Science (Class IX)
Social Science (Class X)
Home Science (Class IX)
Home Science (Class X)
Foundation of Information Technology (Class IX)
Foundation of Information Technology (Class X)
Elements of Book Keeping & Accountancy (Class IX)
Elements of Book Keeping & Accountancy (Class X)
Elements of Business (Class IX)
Elements of Business (Class X)
Carnatic Music - Vocal (Class IX)
Carnatic Music - Melodic Instruments (Class IX)
Carnatic Music - Percussion Instruments (Class IX)
Hindustani Music - Vocal (Class IX)
Hindustani Music - Melodic Instruments (Class IX)
Hindustani Music - Percussion Instruments (Class IX)
Lepcha (Class IX)
Limboo (Class IX)
Carnatic Music - Vocal (Class X)
Carnatic Music - Melodic Instruments (Class X)
Carnatic Music - Percussion Instruments (Class X)
Lepcha (Class X)
Limboo (Class X)
Painting (Class X)
Bhutia (Class X)
Bhutia (Class IX)
Kannada (Class X)
Kannada (Class IX)
Malayalam (Class IX)
Malayalam (Class X)
Nepali (Class IX)
Nepali (Class X)
Odia (Class X)
Odia (Class IX)
Tamil (Class IX)
Tamil (Class X)
Telugu (Class IX)
Telugu (Class X)
Tibetan (Class IX)
Tibetan (Class X)
Arabic (Class IX)
Arabic (Class X)
Spanish (Class X)
Punjabi (Class IX)
Punjabi (Class X)
Portuguese (Class IX)
Portuguese (Class X)
French (Class IX)
French (Class X)
Perssian (Class X)
Assamese (Class IX)
Assamese (Class X)
Bengali (Class IX)
Bengali (Class X)
Gujarati (Class IX)
Gujarati (Class X)
Marathi (Class IX)
Marathi (Class X)
Sindhi (Class IX)
Sindhi (Class X)
Mizo (Class IX & X)
Manipuri (Class IX)
Manipuri (Class X)
Bahasa Melayu (Class X)