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VTU 3rd Semester Notes - VTU ECE Notes

10MAT31 Engg. Mathematics - III Notes
10ES32 Analog Electronic Ckts Notes
10ES33 Logic Design Notes
10ES34 Network Analysis Notes

10IT35 Electronic Instrumentation Notes
10ES36 Field Theory Notes

VTU 4th Semester Notes - VTU ECE Notes

10MAT41 Engg. Mathematics – IV Notes
10ES42 Microcontrollers Notes
10ES43 Control Systems Notes

10EC44 Signals & Systems Notes
10EC45 Fundamentals of HDL Notes
10EC46 Linear ICs & Applications Notes

VTU 5th Semester Notes - VTU ECE Notes

10AL51 Management and Entrepreneurship Notes
10EC52 Digital Signal Processing Notes
10EC53 Analog Communication Notes
10EC54 Microwaves and Radar Notes
10EC55 Information Theory & Coding Notes
10EC56 Fundamentals of CMOS VLSI Notes

VTU 6th Semester Notes - VTU ECE Notes

10EC61 Digital Communication Notes
10EC62 Microprocessors Notes
10EC63 Microelectronics Circuits Notes
10EC64 Antennas and Propagation Notes
10EC65 Operating Systems Notes

Elective-I (Group A)

10EC661 – Analog and Mixed Mode VLSI Design Notes
10EC664 – Low Power VLSI Design Notes
10EC662 – Satellite Communications Notes
10EC665 – Data Structure Using C++ Notes
10EC663 - Random Process Notes
10EC666 – Digital System Design Using Verilog Notes
10EC667- Virtual Instrumentation Notes

VTU 7th Semester Notes - VTU ECE Notes

10EC71 Computer Communication Networks Notes 

10EC72 Optical Fiber Communication Notes
10EC73 Power Electronics Notes
10EC74 Embedded System Design Notes

Elective-II (Group B)

10EC751 – DSP Algorithms & Architecture Notes
10EC752 - Micro and Smart Systems Technology Notes
10EC753 – Artificial Neural Network Notes
10EC754 – CAD for VLSI Notes
10EC755 – Applied Embedded System Design Notes
10EC756 – Speech Processing Notes

Elective-III (Group C)

10EC761 - Programming in C++ Notes
10EC762 – Real Time Systems Notes
10EC763 - Image Processing Notes
10EC764 - Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Notes
10EC765 - Wavelet Transforms Notes
10EC766 - Modeling and Simulation of Data Networks Notes

VTU 8th Semester Notes - VTU ECE Notes

10EC81 Wireless Communication Notes
10EC82 Digital Switching Systems Notes

Elective-IV (Group D)

10EC831 – Distributed Systems Notes
10EC832 – Network Security Notes
10EC833 - Optical Networks Notes
10EC834 – High Performance Computing Networks Notes
10EC835 – Internet Engineering Notes

Elective-V (Group E)

10EE841 – Multimedia Communication Notes
10EC842 – Real Time Operating Systems Notes
10EC843 - GSM Notes
10EC844 - Ad-hoc Wireless Networks Notes
10EC845 – Optical Computing Notes

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