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Buy Franchise Of The Number 

1 Tuitions in

 "Namma Karnataka".

Be Our Franchise with Initial Investment of 

INR. 5 Lakhs.

We are offering Franchise license to entrepreneurs in various cities across India. This is your lifetime opportunity to set up your company and be your own boss. Revenue prospects are quite attractive. You can expect to break even within 6 to 8 months.

  • One time license fee-INR 2.5 Lakhs.
  • Office setup cost-INR 1.5 Lakh.
  • Business Running Cost For 4 Months:2 Lakhs.
  • Total Investment Required= 6 Lakhs.
  • Once the initial payment is done, we charge 20% of gross revenue every month. This goes towards advertisement, National Branding, Software and Website service, Call Centre Service, Customer acquisition etc.

What do you get for the investment you make?
For the franchise fee of INR 2.5 Lakhs and 20% Revenue Share, you get the following:
  1. Territorial Rights To Provide Our Branded tutorial.
  2. A pool of talented teachers in your territory.
  3. Customer leads.
  4. Software system to manage the tuition.
  5. Call Centre service to manage customer and teacher calls.
  6. Mention of your office contact in our brochure, website and advertisements.
  7. Advertisement Samples / Soft copies.
  8. Application form templates.
  9. Teacher and customer agreement templates.
  10. Sales and recruitment training.
  11. Process training.
  12. Participation in Welight Family Telephonic Conferences.

What Makes This Venture Attractive:
Revenue prospects are very attractive. Unlike brick and mortar coaching centers, home tuition does not require a huge investment in infrastructure. This is a significant cost saving. All you have to do is manage a pool of talented teachers, schedule their classes, resolve any issues and ensure that teachers are following the process set by Welight Education. You need minimum 150 sq ft office Room, Computer and Internet (To use the software tools for managing tuition), Telephone and File Rack to keep application forms.
Having said that you should be ready to do hard work. With a pool of 100 students, you can earn up to INR 10 Lakhs. And if you are good in managing tuitions, this can be easily scaled up to 1000 students. Good service always results in repeat customers year after year thus resulting in higher revenue and higher sales.